Smart Diabetes Case

The Smart Diabetes Case is a container aimed at young Diabetic teenagers who do not want to rely on the help of other people, want to be more independent and safe. I worked close with my sister who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost ten years in order to design this case which would suit her needs as well as the other many people who have the same problem.


The case is embedded with a sensors technology. Using Bluetooth and GPS, the smart container will detect any missing equipment and notify the user via the smartphone app. The same technology is used to notify the user under different circumstances.



The Smart Diabetes Case won gold at the Creative Conscience Awards and was featured on the Arts University Bournemouth website!



The case is embedded with a sensors technology which detects whether all the items are present in it or not.

Whenever the Diabetes patient is leaving home to go out and he/she has forgotten something, the case, using Bluetooth and GPS technology, will detect the missing item/s and notify the user via the smartphone app.



Discipline: Product Design


Duration: December 2016 - present


Client: Myself



The user will then be able to identify the missing items in order to avoid possible consequences.

Using the same technology, a warning notifies the user in case of a lost item if a piece of equipment hasn’t been put back inside the apposite compartment within one hour.


The smartphone application will also notify the user of upcoming hot days, advising the use of the cooling gel bag to maintain the insulin at the appropriate temperature.


Every time the Glucagon (emergency kit) is removed, in the event of severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), the smartphone will vibrate and display the instructions for whoever is assisting the person in danger to follow.

Furthermore, the case is also assisted with GPS to track its location if lost.

The case itself contains a compartment for the storage of sugar bags and carbohydrate snacks, an external pocket for a cooling gel patch and a practical foldable instruction sheet for the emergency kit.


It is made from quality materials in three different colours: dark brown, skin pink and cream. The free app is available for iOS and Android.

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