About Me

Hello there!

My name is Andrea Rizzotto, I am a confident, imaginative and highly ambitious designer from Italy. I have a proven ability to generate fresh and innovative solutions for luxurious internal spaces and furniture. My aim is sharing my passion for design with others and apply my skills and sense of aesthetic to bring value and enhance the productivity of the working space.

Being born in Italy and having spent part of my life in the United Kingdom and travelled to many different countries within Europe, America and Asia influenced the way I think and see what is around me. My approach to the practice of design and sense of aesthetic has been positively influenced by other cultures design styles and crafts which inspired me and I was able to successfully translate into my own work in order to create unique and personal designs.

I have the unique ability to imagine and see the world from multiple perspectives and being able to analyse and approach a project from different points of view. I am an observer and I believe that details are the core of a good design.

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