Lounge Chair Prototype

This is a work in progress. I have been working on the design of this lounge chair for over a year. I am enjoying exploring different materials, prototyping techniques and design style during the creation process.

My goal: produce the lounge chair and lay down on it.


I decided to share with you my designs in order to get some feedback. You do not need to be a designer, engineer or a qualified teacher to send opinions, suggestions and critiques, every feedback is gold so please, share it with me.


Please send any feedback to andrearizzotto1995@gmail.com


What is it? You are looking a luxurious piece of furniture, a slim, slender lounge chair which is designed for interiors. The slim aluminium structure is supported by a carbon fibre skeleton which allows flexibility and lightness. A long cushion sits on a thin elastic layer of fabric which is stretched horizontally between two golden stainless steal tubes.


The three hollow circular shapes at the extremes on the chair contrast with the slender lines of the chair and allow the structure to sit stable on the floor.





Discipline: Product Design


Duration: December 2016 - present


Client: Myself








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