Overconsumption Kills The Planet

'Using the text and images from your illustrated essay consider other ways of presenting this information.'


The introduction of my essay states: "this essay aims to analyse propaganda, to understand how this form of communication works and explore its use throughout history starting from the seventeenth century, focusing primarily on the impact that it has nowadays as a strong communication system. Consequently, the role of graphic designers in propaganda will be analysed paying particular attention to different forms of communication methods discussing different aspects of the campaign run by Adbusters, “Buy Nothing Day”. Furthermore, two designs from this campaign will be compared concentrating on their visual appearance and how the two different styles succeed in promoting the cause against overconsumption."


The purpose of the designs is not to persuade people to buy less or show them what overconsumption causes and how it produces numerous risks to the environment. The posters simply visualise a phrase whose meaning is known and conveys a strong message the way it is, no clichés are needed, people will visualise the sentence by themselves.



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Discipline: Graphic Design


Duration: September 2015 - December 2015


Client: University Brief



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