The Green Room

The Green Room is an concept exhibit for “Evanescent - experience colours through senses”.


Herbs, grass, plants and teas can all be used to benefit our lives. These natural elements have unique healing properties, which are often associated with good health and an increased sense of well being. Various herb teas, for instance, producing either delicate or strong smell and taste, are used to make a large variety of infusions which have multiple health benefits. Andrea’s room recreates a pleasant natural environment where people play the main role. Starting by wringing the sphagnum moss out from the ‘moss wall’ by picking different herbs and teas, the visitors will go through the entire process of making their own favourite infusion.


In the Green Room you will be able to make and taste your own brew while appreciating the surrounding natural environment, and understand how the power of green can make you feel better and relieved.



Discipline: Exhibition Design


Duration: February 2016 - March 2016


Client: Client: University Brief



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