The king and the two artists

“The King and the two Artists” is a written story that can be found in Banksy’s book “Wall and Piece”. However, the author of the story is anonymous. I created an animation for “The King and the two Artists” story for a University project. No one apparently had ever done it before, not at least to my knowledge (and a quick research on the internet).


By using Photoshop, a lot of imagination, and some amazing techniques in Cinema 4D, I was able to create a 2 minute-long animation. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to render all the animation as my computer is not powerful enough. Most of the video is just animatics.



Designed and animated by Andrea Rizzotto.

Voice by Jazz Walker.


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Discipline: Animation


Duration: December 2016 - February 2017


Client: University Brief



All the rooms of the castle where the story was set were created starting from photographs. All the photographs were shot in Verona, Italy, mainly in churches and ancient sites.

Hover on the images to see how the original photographs compare to the final images!.

You can check the name of the locations in case you are going sightseeing in Verona one day.


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