Raw Kundalini

For my final major project at the Arts University Bournemouth I looked at how practising yoga and meditating regularly can benefit our bodies and minds.


The research led me to study the benefits brought by doing Kundalini Yoga, a type of yoga which incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras.


Primary insights from yoga instructors Lino and Jennifer helped me to understand how a yoga class is structured and how the different types of exercises are performed.



Discipline: Graphic Design


Duration: January 2018 - May 2018


Client: University Brief




Create your yoga class


Each card has a unique symbol on the top-right corner. Once the user has selected the poses they’d like to do, they can scan the cards via the app that recognises the exercises by their unique icons and will then generate a personal yoga class.



To begin the practice of Kundalini Yoga it is suggested to attend some yoga classes where a qualified yoga instructor can guide you through the practice. At the end of each class, the teacher and their students can keep in touch via the smartphone app, until the next yoga class.

Augmented Reality


Scan a card via the App to bring it to life. The Augmented Reality feature allows you to see what is happening to your body during a yoga pose, how the chakras move during an exercise, which muscles contract and which stretch.

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